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Hash Details, Points, and Counts

Below is the full list of hash types used in this year's contest, the point value of each crack for those hashes, and how many were in each of the Pro and Street set. Note that Pro vs Street were different, but generated using similar means (wordlists, rules, etc).

Although it is generally true that harder hashes are worth more points, they are deliberately not perfectly proportional. Figure out how to game the scores and focus your efforts accordingly.

Hash Name
NotesPoints EachPro HashesStreet Hashes
bcryptBlowfish crypt, $2a$100024242400
desUNIX DES crypt8014121385
md5cryptFreeBSD MD5 crypt, $1$16047884829
nsldapUnsalted SHA, {SHA}31928419351
ntNTLM, MD4-based22413624134
raw-sha512Unsalted single round SHA512401450214529
salted-sha1Salted single-round SHA, {SSHA}601211212029
scryptCisco scrypt, $9$75024422424
sha512cryptSHA512 based crypt, $6$70024062409

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