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The following summarizes the teams that competed this year. We will flesh this out, and add detailed pages for each team as they provide writeups.

Teams default to being "Street" class unless they notify us that they want to compete in the "Pro" bracket.

Class Points Team Active Members CPU Cores
GPU Chips
Primary Tools
Pro 1,733,692 hashcat 24 ~120 75 Hashcat suite
Pro 1,370,855 CynoSure Prime 14 ~100 ~50 John the Ripper, Hashcat uiste, MDXFind
Pro 1,240,637 InsidePro 16 100 50 Hash Manager, Hashcat suite, John the Ripper
Pro 1,079,225 john-users 20 John the Ripper, custom scripts
Street 510,973 Shining Ponies
Street 442,268 toil
Street 431,953 ICantBelieveItsNotButter
Street 390,417 dcua
Street 310,349 trontastic
Street 214,996 Ralph Wiggum Bench Warmers
Street 210,294 Apparatus 4 74 3 John the Ripper, Hashcat suite
Street 157,765 TheLab-ms
Street 117,963 Bitfork
Street 111,179 A7302AA9F6F1FD73
Street 110,457 A810D7D806F45BE6
Street 38,932 D38C6FBCCDAA3C3D
Street 35,871 8B75752EA9CCF2D9
Street 19,296 pdgn
Street 15,218 turd_ferguson
Street 2,148 D07D0F7E4C7BFF91
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